South Glos AC have coaching sessions for all.

We are very fortunate at South Glos AC to be able to offer a variety of different training in different locations throughout South Gloucestershire and surrounding areas .

We are building many links with schools and Clubs who are realising that specific training can overlap into many different sports  At present all our training is done via our qualified training partners. 

The facilities that our partners use are:


Bath University

Bath university is used for Sprint training, Hurdles and Long Jump.


Sports Halls /Astro

School sports halls are used throughout South Glous for Movement pattern drills, Plyometrics, Explosive power work, short sprints and Stength & Conditioning. The essential basics.


SGS College Track

SGS College Track filton is used several times a week for Sprints, Hurdles, Endurance, Long jump etc.

These sessions are led by Running Revolutions and Lodge Sports and Alan Jones


For specific times of sessions you can contact us or it may be best to contact our coaching partners directly via our Coaching Partners / Contacts Page